Como les anunciamos desde el primer día de junio por medio de nuestra fan-page, que lanzaríamos dos nuevas ediciones de nuestra serie EntrevistArte, hoy queremos compartirles la primera de ellas. Se trata del creativo alemán Martin Grohs, especializado en foto-manipulación e ilustración digital y reconocido severas ocasiones por revistas como Advanced Photoshop Magazine, Photoshop Creative Magazine y Digital Artist Magazine. Como en anteriores ediciones con creativos extranjeros, realizamos la entrevista en idioma inglés, pubicádola de esa forma (sin traducción al español) para conservar la escencia en expresión de Martin. ¡Disfrútenla!

Martin Grohs© - Frogion

OV: Before getting to know you, we would like to thank you very much for your time dedicated to Oleo Verde in this exclusive interview. So, let’s get started. We know that you’ve been interested in the world of photography for a long time. Tell us, how did it happen?

MG: No, I have to thank you for the possibility of being allowed to introduce myself!

And yes, I was busy since my earliest childhood with art, especially with painting and drawing. I came  to photography when I got my first camera. Wich is my greatest hobby until today. And through the beauty retouching I got into digital art.

OV: We’re really surprised with the great talent you have with photo-manipulation/illustration at such a young age. How do you see things are going in Germany about graphic design and digital art?

MG: I must say that we have here in Germany some very talented and really excellent digital artists and graphic designers. Unfortunately there are not real possibilities that we may live out from our creativity. This is especially because the german customers and companies are not willing to engage in new and more modern designs, particularly in the advertising industry. What a shame, that is why I am oriented myself on the international market and also more likely to work even more for foreign customers, for example, from Britain and the USA.

Martin Grohs© - Temptation

OV: Could you describe what your graphic style is, and what are your main influences in every creative process?

MG: First, I think that we cannot say that we only have a certain style, this one develops with the time and is always changing, little by little. My intention is that each of my pictures has a deeper meaning, not “just” a pretty picture. I try in every image, wheter it’s a personal or a client work, to always bring in my own personal touch. Quality, originality and creativity are the most important points for me when I create a new image. What  influence me are things that I experience and see every day.

Martin Grohs© - Princess

OV: Does music has an influence in your work? Who do you listen to?

MG: Yes, of course, music has a big influence on my work. I almost always listen to music when I work! The music usually depends on my mood. I’m very versatile, I hear everything from hip-hop to classical piano music.

OV: We read that you’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for 4 years, every day. How do you feed the passion about your work? And what do you do, when you have to take a break to re-boost your creativity and inspiration?

MG: Yes, that’s right. At first I focused exclusively only in learning new techniques, which took me a long time, but now they’re very useful to me. Of course there are days where I have no idea or desire to take a picture, so I usually watch movies, read books or go out with my friends. So that’s how I get to be inspired again and again.

Martin Grohs© - Angel Tears

Martin Grohs/Ivan Mladenov© - One Life

 OV: So tell us, which digital artists around the world do you admire the most? And why?

MG: There are some artists that I admire very much, especially Justin Maller and Peter Jaworowski. Both are great artists and designers and both artists have found their way and are well-known artists worldwide as they influence many other artists with their works. What Justin has done with depthCORE, I find it very impressive! Fantastic inspirations…

Martin Grohs© - Zebra Crossing

OV: You know Martin; here at Oleo Verde we promote several causes from environmental issues to poverty, war, education and animal welfare to create massive awareness. From your role as a digital artist, can you tell us how deep is the impact of a graphic piece to create awareness and lead this one into action?

MG: A picture can have great influence to this! if it is made well. This means it should be attractive to the observer at first sight, this will tie him up into action. It must activate him for thinking, then  he will deal with the topic and therefore he’ll be forming an opinion on it. It is not about to manipulate, but simply to make them think about it.

OV: And last but not least, what could you say to all the creative community from Guatemala and Latin America?

MG: Stay true to you. Live your creativity and enjoy what you do!

Martin Grohs web: http://www.martin-grohs.com/

Images copyright info: No use is allowed without explicit permission from owner.

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