Oleo Verde tiene el gran gusto de presentarles la nueva entrevista de Arte, con el talentoso ilustrador William Chua desde la ciudad capital de Singapur. Dicha entrevista se realizó en inglés como único idioma en común entre Willian y OV. Por ésta razón, hemos decidido publicarla sin traducción, como se ha hecho en anteriores entrevistas. Con el propósito de conservar intactas, las expresiones y gestos del entrevistado/a.



OV: How did you get interested in illustration?

William: Back in my school days , art seemed to be the only subject I was interested in and the only one that I passed with flying colors. When I was a average joe working 8-5 , I was always tasked by my superior to create work safety posters. It was then that my love and interest in art grew stronger and so I quit my job and became a full time illustrator/designer.

OV: Just by watching most of the works in your portfolio, we can say that your biggest influence is the Chinese and Japanese culture. Which are the elements that inspire you about each culture? and why?

Wiliam: I love the rich stories behind both cultures and the moral of each story greatly inspired me.

OV: We support and promote the great music here at Oleo Verde, what kind of music do you like?, do you think that it can inspire you?

William: I listen to pop music but what I love the most is just pure music without vocals.  Yes , art is just like music , it tells a story through it.


OV: Can you name some of the artists or illustrators you most admire ?

William: James Jean, Yuko shimizu, Akihiro Yamada, Akira Toriyama & Kuniyoshi.

OV:You have a series of illustrations under the name of “Panda Revolution”, could you explain to us about this project?

William: Panda Revolution is mixing  the cuteness of panda with propaganda, vintage style.  In a way, it is about making a change, and anyone, no matter how small you are, can be a leader to effect change.

OV: How do you start your design process to make an illustration?

William: Usually I start with sketches on paper or directly in Flash. Then I refine the art work, save it as a jpeg file and lastly I will color the line art with Photoshop.


OV: When you have to work for a particular client, which are the biggest obstacles you have to face, and which way do you think is the best one to solve them?

William: I guess the biggest obstacles is when the client have no particular ideas or direction on what they want for their work. This is really hard as I have to come out with a few rough samples to show them and let them choose. I guess this is not the best way but this is the only way I know to solve this problem.



OV: Oleo Verde also promotes the protection and conservation of our nature, have you worked an artwork to promote this? and if you haven’t, would you like to do so?

William: I think i will like to do one if i have time.

OV: According to your experience, what would you say to all the people of Guatemala and the rest of LatinAmerica, who wants to start an illustration career?

William: Don’t give up easily. I was not formally educated in art and encountered many obstacles embarking on this career.  I had to persevere and self-tutor by referring to many online tutorials   and learning from the work of other fellow artists and only after a number of years did I feel that I am finally on the first step towards being a professional.

And lastly for those about to rock… I salute you.

OV: Thank you very much for your time William, do you have something extra to say?

William: Yes. Thanks for reading.

William Chua web: http://mi50.blogspot.com/

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