Julien Morel

Oleo Verde tiene nuevamente el placer de presentarles otra entrevista exclusiva, ahora con el diseñador francés Julien Morel alias “Joolz”. Dicha entrevista se realizó en idioma inglés para facilitar la comunicación entre Julien y OV.

First of all, we would like to thank you for having the time and dedication with this interview. As you know, OV loves to promote the great talent of artists and designers around the world, thus becoming a source of information and cultural exhibition about art and design.

Also we would like to add that we´re great fans of your work, combining exquisite textures, shapes and a lot more into an amazing composition.

OV: Do you know something about our country Guatemala?

Joolz: No unfortunately, i´ve never been in Guatemala, but i´d like to!, i´ve seen beautiful images from Guatemala´s places, such as the Atitlán Lake and the Mayan temples, but im sure its a bit cliché!.

OV: And…Julien, how did you get interested in design and art? , at what age?

Joolz: Well, i started scrawling when i was really young. I remember myself drawing the David Bowie´s logo at grade school. Since i was young, i´ve been totally into music. I did love the vinyl covers, they really made me dream a lot.

"Les doigts de l'homme"

Then i became a musician, for years, in a rock band. I used to play the bass and do the band´s artworks. When the band splitted, i worked as a serigraphist , and proved to be movitaved doing images. So i bought a Mac and started to learn graphic design on my own and had to find how to do it from scratch.

As i was in the music network, i started to work for a lot bands and musics artists on CD covers, websites, DVD´s or videos.

OV: What are your influences?, what inspires you?

Joolz: Music mostly, all kinds, it depends on the mood or on the project. But i can find inspiration everywhere, like arts, commercials, urban enviornment, design, politics, nature…

OV: What kind of music do you like?

Joolz: I do love music, and to me “electronic” music is a large family, like jazz, classical or rock music. And the frontiers between these families are getting blurrier everyday.

I do like artists like Air, Daft Punk, Trentemoller, Obny, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Hrvatski, Massive Attack, Red Snapper, Amon Tobin, ATR, RJD2, Dj Shadow and many more!.

"The Phoenix Rebirth"

OV: So…how is it going with the world of design in France?

Joolz: The world of graphic design is very dynamic here. There are many good illustrators and graphic designers coming along, with fresh new ideas, shapes and colors.

"Red Oil"

Joolz: Yes, due to my background i have contact with music companies. Most of them, are rock bands such as Pitchshifter (UK), This is Menace (UK), The Girl (UK), Breed Machine (FR), but i´ve also worked with electronic artists such as BT (US) and Obny (FR).

OV: What would you like to tell to the guatemalan and latin-american designers?

Joolz: Well, thanks for your interest in my work. I´m always happy to meet new people and communities.

So, be passionate, work hard and produce good design!.

OV: Thank you for the time again, we hope other designers can catch up some good vibes and influences from you, like we did here in Oleo Verde. The Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your work.


Esperamos que haya sido de su agrado y estén pendientes para la próxima entrevista exclusiva que presentaremos con Florencia Mazza.

Joolz web: http://www.joolz.fr

[Nota: Se Prohíbe el Uso Ilegal o Inapropiado de éstas Muestras Gráficas]


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