Oleo Verde les saluda de nuevo, ya que ahora nos hemos dado a la tarea de profundizar y conocer más a un diseñador, en éste caso una diseñadora.

A continuación les presentamos ésta entrevista exclusiva (en inglés por obvias razones) con la creativa señorita, ilustradora y diseñadora Olena Shmahalo que reside en NuevaYork:

First of all, we would like to thank you for having the time to take this interview, it was nice you said that it´ll be fun to do it. As we already said to you, we really like your designs.  They´re very natural, organic and creative…

OV: So, tell us Olena, at what age did you find interesting the Art or Design?

Olena: I actually remember my first picture I drew when I was 2; I remember drawing these girls,green and red, and they had no arms and my dad told me they didn’t and I think I knew, but i never fixed it. I went back to Ukraine a couple years ago and he gave me the drawing – looks just how I remembered! crazy!. So I always loved drawing as a kid. And I would still go through missing limbs phases… like at one point I remember deciding people just don’t look good with noses. =/ Thankfully I’m
over that now.

OV: How would you define your design style?

Olena: Honestly I don’t like to even have a style… I kind of just do things and go by my ideas and the way I carry them out, it just comes from everything… techniques and things that I like from other artists, and other inspiration. I like to try different styles, but they all come out to
be “mine” I guess because it ends up being “my” mix these things.


OV: What are your influences? What inspires you?

Olena: Everything. I just look at everything all the time. The things that inspire me are little dumb things like finding secret gardens with my chin(chilla) and seeing fireflies and black squirrels and cute things. I saw this bird yesterday that had  giant piece of fuzz in it’s mouth. I was
walking and stopped to look because that was ridiculous; I want to draw that.
And lots of different art forms.. music is huge for me, I don’t work without it. Fashion also.


OV: Olena, according to your perception, what is the beauty for you? and what do you find beautiful about an artwork?

Olena: Beauty… well, it’s the aesthetic qualities of something, of course… but it’s the feeling too.
Like I have a few (too many for me haha) unfinished artworks that I want to finish but I just don’t do it because if my feeling about it is wrong (I’m not in the mood to do the piece) I feel like it will be ugly. I like to do things with love, I feel like that makes it beautiful. To just finish something and make it correct.. that’s not enough. It often it ugly then. I like to be excited about my work because that shows through. I like to see art that’s relatable, relevant,
of it’s time, but timeless.. you know?

Like I was talking about the bird with the fuzz… I think that could be beautiful because well for one I’d want it to be pretty technique-wise, and then maybe someone would look at it and laugh and it would make them feel happy for a little bit even if it’s stupid, and that’s awesome. I don’t mean to be so cheesy but that’s what I wanna do! I like reactions!


OV: And…what kind of music do you like?

Olena: Oh, lots! I’m always looking for new things to listen to. I grew up in a family of musicians,my mother and I being the visual people, and they tried to teach me some instruments but I always quit, haha. But I think the world of musicians; they make beautiful things just like artists but with sounds. So amazing!. I can’t really think of a style of music I like best though. Here’s some people I’m into right now: Cloud Cult, Death Cab for Cutie, frYars, Pale Young Gentlemen, Air, DJ Satomi... I was listening to Regina Spektor just earlier.

OV: Have you worked with musicians or music labels?

Olena: Sure have! Not very much, though. Just some merch things. I like working with musicians, though, I wish I could do it more!

OV: What could you say or what would you like to say about the art and design in New York?

Olena: Haha, it’s like, I moved all the way over here and now I’m looking around and finding that SO many good things are coming from CA where I’m from. Silly. Like they have Blaine Fontana and Audrey Kawasaki and Darren Waterston and Kozy n Dan too I think…but New York is amazing in it’s own right. There are SO many galleries and things get so competitive, but being here, surrounded by all of it.. it’s the best thing. I’m so thankful to be able to wake up here every morning! It’s crazy.

OV: Well thank you very much again Olena, it was nice getting to know you better. We hope other designers can get good vibes and influences with your work. Best wishes for you.

Olena: Thank you Diego! 🙂


Olena Shmahalo web: http://www.olenashmahalo.com/

[Nota: Se prohíbe el Uso Ilegal o Inapropiado de éstas Muestras Gráficas]


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